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"Forced" by thomvinson  and FelixFFDS (I saw there posts at the same time) I repost:

So :iconthe-legionary1: has this share challenge thingy which works like so:
For the first handful of people to comment on this thread I will choose three works from your gallery that I like and share them here, provided that you do the same journal entry yourself. This way no one feels compelled to participate unless they choose too.

I may have screwed up here a bit as people have commented that I commented on and so on so there may be some circular mutual-admiration... that's life... as long as I don't make the universe explode due to some infinity loop. 

1: Divides I may be accused of cheating on this as most of Divides work are stories and 2 of my pics are, however these images jumped out at me, the 3rd is a story that is a total fiction that rang so true to me.  

Mature Content

Snow-Undies 01 - Sakura by Divides
  If you look through my faves, and some of my images you will notice being naked or almost naked outside (and often in snow) is a recurring theme for me, so these images jumped out at me and had to be in my list.

Mature Content

Snow-Undies 02 - Michelle by Divides
  Most of my faves are of works using DAZ or Poser that is because I love the work, and I am trying to learn from that stuff... I cannot draw at all... even my stickmen are unconvincing... but that does not mean I don't love traditional media... I really do! I hope Divides does not object to me calling these images crude, I don't mean that in a bad way at all, that is what I love about them, my point is they don't have to be photo-realistic, the intent and feel is very much evident without needing perfect perspective or exact reflections and lighting of all the tech I use to make my images..... sometimes simple says more. 
[ENF]F-101: Jakirin: Class Presentation."Ichifune-San," the professor announced, "Would you like to step up to the front of the classroom and give your report?"  
"Right..." Jakirin replied, walking to the front of the class.  
Wait... report?  She wasn't supposed to give any report today.  She wasn't even sure if she was supposed to be in class today.  
"Hello, my name is Jakirin, and today I will be giving my report on..." she began, then looked down at the papers in her hand.  She couldn't make out her own writing... nor could she remember what she had written.  "... My report on..." she tried again, stalling for time.  
"Your report on us," the teacher explained.  
"Oh, right, my report on you," Jakirin concluded.  
Wait, that didn't make any sense... was this some kind of elaborate prank?  
"Uh... any questions?" Jakirin asked, not sure what she was doing.  
Much to Jakirin's relief, a hand shot up.  "Yes?  You there..." she inquired, pointing at the
    I don't want to comment on this too much as it would be spoilers, but suffice to say it resonates with me a lot even though the specifics are alien to me. 

thomvinson Picking faves is hard... but here we go: 

Mature Content

T-Bird Nude 002 by thomvinson
  The naked/semi-naked in public thing is one I deal with quite a bit, I think my therapist might shed some light on why it particularly appeals, but I think a lot of people get this.
Junglegirl and Hubb 002 by thomvinson  As thomvinson himself pointed out, I have a thing for the beasts... Dragons and an Ogre are repeatedly shown in a positive light with my work, so this again fills that area.
SexyRoxy The Hunters Campfire 002 by thomvinson  I just have a softspot for campfires. 

NMWoodcarver Another difficult one due to different mediums, so in no particular order.
Sunset in New Mexico by NMWoodcarver  I am not a fan of deserts... but I do love desert sunsets, they are spectacular!
Eagle Dance by NMWoodcarver  I genuinely love this piece I think it is very pretty and clever!
My cat woody by NMWoodcarver  Because... KITTY!!!!!!!

4: tora-no-shi1369 VEHICLES!
Best Friends by tora-no-shi1369  I picked this one largely because it turned out better than my attempts with the same vehicle. My tyres (tires) never worked that well, this may have something to do with the render engine, but I'm not sure... nevertheless it turned out well here.
Waiting for the Steam by tora-no-shi1369  This has 2 elements I love, the first is Steam Punk in general, the other is I love working with reflections... so this is just cool for me!
Steampunk-Night Out by tora-no-shi1369  This has been on my fave list for quite some time.... 99% of times when I fave something it is in the first second I see it... something just jumps out at me, I can't put my finger on it, but this is one of those. 
So it is no great secret that I am a fan of sci-fi, but people keep asking me why if I'm such a fan I don't do sci-fi renders.  The answer is simple assets... I don't have the assets to do them well.... and I'm not just talking about my boobs.... Cosmic Bikinis like Princess Leia wore simply don't work that well on me... but seriously... I don't have the stuff to do it.

But then I gave it some thought, and remembered some of the really bad sci-fi shows from the 70's and earlier where they would mix and match what they could and so on to make it work and the cheesy costumes.... and so in that spirit I am starting work on something... don't know how much I will do.. but started my first render a little while ago and we'll see where we go from there. 
My character Shelly is a "self-portrait" and depicts me at the age of the time of posting.  I am 26 (not for much longer) and so is that of the images so far... ones posted after midway through next month will be 27.
I am very petite, but let me be clear, the portrayal is of a genuine legal age person, and any interpretation otherwise is unacceptable to me. 
Merry Christmas (And Happy Holidays to people celebrating other festivals) to all my friends and watchers and for that matter anyone who just happens to stumble across this message.

I have been active here for about 10 months,  and been creating my own 3d renders for about 9 months, and to me this is the right time to take the opportunity to thank all of you have encouraged me and helped me along the way.

So many of you have offered kind words of encouragement when I have doubted myself, and so many of you have taught me little tricks or helped me out in other ways along the way. The community here is outstanding and I am grateful to many of you individually, and to all of you collectively.

So I wish all of you an incredibly happy holiday season, and I wish you all the best in the New Year!
Those of you who look at my stuff regularly will know that the main character I use is my digi-clone which is (I consider) a pretty accurate version of me that was created for me by timnaas. (Thanks very much again)

You will also be aware that quite a few people have done there own variations of me (…), and as you might expect different people interpret very differently.... I find it quite cool how different people perceive me.

What I find really interesting though is that timnaas and I use exactly the same model (body shape/hair/skin) even using the same backgrounds at times and yet the way the end products look (I think) are quite different. This shows that personal interpretation and style makes a huge difference in how renders look even when the same "bits" are being used....

In my mind this should put to rest any argument that digital renders are not art otherwise what timnaas and I would do would look pretty much identical.
So, as nuts as this may sound, I have just posted my 2000th deviation.... 

I started off here just posting screenshots from Secondlife  in February this year, and I guess around 700-800 of my posts were done that way.... at the end March I started to learn how to do propper renders, I am pleased to say the majority of my posts are renders done in Daz Studio.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in my efforts to learn how to render, this has been a brilliant learning experience for me as it enables me to express myself in ways I haven't before.  I would also like to encourage anyone who is thinking about taking up the hobby to jump in... I won't say my stuff is the best.... but once you get over the initial learning curve then from there it is not hard to produce stuff that you would not be ashamed to show people.  

PS I highly recommend people don't do what  I did..... I completely ignored the tutorials and taught myself without them.... that was a pretty stupid move... I probably would have produced a lot better stuff quicker if I had done them... and probably could still learn some stuff now if I were to do them now... I probably should. 

Anyway I am just rambling.... basically what I want to do is say THANKS to everyone for their support!
I have created more than 1000 images in Daz (996 published) and I have published 1001 images either created in Daz or Poser.

How good the quality of my work is is obviously a matter of taste... but I have only been doing 3d renders since the end of March so I should at least get points for being prolific. :)

I would like to thank all of the people who have encouraged me to doing this, and for their support along the way. 
So as many of my watchers will know various artists here have done their own interpretations of me.... I can only say how flattered and frankly surprised by how many people have asked if they can do images of me.  I do find it very interesting how different people interpret me and the scenarios they want to put me in.... often not situations I would really want to be in myself to be honest.... but nevertheless very interesting

I would like to draw attention to the latest person to do an interpretation of me is Wandermaske, what makes his work different is that it is a "Pen and Ink" interpretation.... so traditional rather than digital art... so a very different sort of interpretation, so check him out.

I of course make all of the various interpretations of me available and you can see them here:…

Also check out the brilliant art of the following people who have also done images of me:

timnaas - I must give continued special mention as he is the creator of the digital clone that I use in my own images... While I have enough skill to make my own characters... I am not skillful enough to make them look like a specific person, so many thanks again to him for creating my digi-clone. 

3Dcaptor - We have an on again off again story-line that we are working on together, in which I am kidnapped.

ArchStanton - A couple of nudes, and a scene we discussed.

Enhjorning - This is a single image inspired by an odd idea I had that I shared.

minus269 - This is another single image that I think was largely inspired by a very early clone series I did. 
I have just finished working on a series that was requested that is a bit different for me which I shall be posting shortly.

It is a clone series (that is not so unusual) but is also homoerotic (not so usual).  This is not really my thing, however I am trying to grow artistically and so I thought it may be an interesting challenge.

I realise this is not going to be to everyone's taste... I know that some people have complained about "gay shit" (that is a direct quote)  on previous posts that frankly I would not have classed that way at all.... Anyway if this is not your taste then you don't have to look at them... if you are so homophobic you feel the need to stop following me (as happened before) I am sorry..... I am sorry that you are closed minded and would chose not to follow me for doing something slightly different.

Anyway as this is quite a long series (30 images) that will be posted over 10 days and I know that it won't be to everyone's tastes, I shall be posting something a bit more along my normal stuff at the same time.

Also I have been requested to extend the Shelly with Astro Sport series that I am currently posting.... with specific requests for more interior shots (the car not me) and shots of me on top of the car roof.  I am happy to say I have just finished my first render in the extended series and will be doing some more.... in the extended series I have lost my clothes... (I am very very forgetful apparently)
On Sunday (14 Aug) I am going on some much needed holidays for a few weeks.... 

What does this mean....

I am going to have some fun!

What does this mean for you?  Will you have to wait until the beginning of September to see more of my stuff?

MUWAHAHAHAAH (Maniacal laugh)

No, you don't get off that easy... you see I am very prolific, and I have images saved up to post.... so I shall continue to inflict my stuff on you while I am away... through the power of the cloud.  (Assuming everything works correctly) 

BUT probably less often and at less regular intervals. 

If stuff does not get posted, then there has been a technical glitch, I am dead or wounded, or I found some really hot and/or interesting guy and I am too busy with him to bother posti.... nope who are we kidding I am too obsessive ... it will be one of the first two.

Anyway just wanted to give you a heads up as to why service may be a bit irregular for the next few weeks. 
I haven't journalled for awhile, so I thought I'd make a quick comment on a question that was posed to me recently:

Why do you use cars so much?

There are 3 major reasons.

1) I quite like vehicles generally.
2) The "sexy woman on car" picture is quite traditional... I like to do variants on traditional stuff. 
3) I like experimenting with glass, paint, mirror, chrome reflections, and the different effects based on the curvature of the material.

While of course I do very much make the stuff for myself and others to enjoy asthetically, for the most part this is a learning experiment, and I find cars a good vehicle for this. (pun wasn't originally intended but became intended as I typed the  sentence.)

I hope this explains things.

I don't like to have to say bad things about people, however a certain member has been spreading lies about myself and others in comments on peoples profiles and posts.

This is Buttercup770 - although I imagine this person has multiple usernames. 

This person left this on my profile comments:…

Furthermore left this about me on other peoples timelines:……

It would not shock me if there were other instances that I am not aware of.

This person had left this on timnaas's  front page…

He spoke to froyd1 about this and he said that he's been having problems with this person spreading lies!
this is what Froyd1 had been dealing with…………………………

Expand those notes and read.

We are not sure how many he has going around with her now or if he has any about me now too!

If you get a note from him about those two or me, they are lies. DO NO BELIEVE THEM!
This person has some serious personal issue and needs to be banned!
I along with Froyd1, Timnaas, and Becarra have sent in reports about this (ab)user!
If you do receive a note from this person, please forwards it to the Admins and report it as spam.
The funny thing is, this person is so stupid that they admitted to Timnaas that he caught them with the lie. They deactivated there account shortly after he got there last comment, only to re-activate it and add him to there watch list. TWO DAYS LATER!
I don't think you can blame his for blocking them.

We all enjoy participating here, posting our work and encouraging others with comment (and llamas apparently), and while constructive criticism is far from unexpected, we should not expect to have lies and abuse spread about us. We believe this sort of behaviour puts people off using DA, and that is bad news for everyone. Therefore we have reported this user to the moderators.

If you experience anything similar from this person (or anyone else for that matter) we would encourage you to do the same.... it is in all our interests to keep DA a civil place where artists of all kinds and skills can share their work with people who will appreciate it. 


I have been informed that this issue is Resolved, and that the user was banned!
I really should have posted this sooner, and for that I apologise. 

You may have noticed recently that my images have featured ME - this is thanks to timnaas who custom made my Genesis 3 character for me. He is also producing his own works featuring me (so far 2) that can be found here:
Sweet Little Shelly! by timnaas

Mature Content

Miss Shelly- Sexy Young Lady by timnaas

Very flatteringly timnaas is not the only person who has done images of me.

3Dcaptor And I are doing a collaborative story that features me (in this case 3Dcaptor's version of me) in his "Petite is Sweet" series which is now up to 36 images in the story:…
An example:

Mature Content

Petite is sweet 18 by 3Dcaptor

If you see similarities between my Date Night series and Petite is Sweet it is because bondage in the woods has been something I have thought about a lot for a very long time... but the actual stories themselves are very different. 

I am deeply appreciative and humbled by both these gentlemen's collaborations with me and their (while both accurate) very different takes on how to depict me. 

I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to WATCH both these great Deviant Artists... timnaas is one of the great DA pin-up artisst and 3Dcapto tells great bondage stories which keep people coming back for more. 

On top of those 2, I'd also like to give a shout-out to minus269 for this image, which is his vision of me being me I guess... but the image is very fun and it was done so he could draw attention to my work, so many thanks to him too.  

Mature Content

Shelly Times Three by minus269

Please note - I am 26 years old, and of legal age where I live, all characters depicted in these images are of legal age, regardless of height, or any other aspect of their appearance)
I have had a few comments about the inconsistency of "location" of where my characters live.... "Those are evidently British houses next to an American style Diner" for example.

Uhhh..... well yeah.... This is very true... but there are several factors at work....

The first one is Obvious - I am limited by what assets I have, especially right at the start where I had so few.... in fact every Woman appears to have virtually identical bedrooms (I blame Ikea).

But more to the point I have never said where the characters live at all, and here is the thing my characters don't live in THIS world.... I don't know any western society where a woman can publicly be made to sit naked on a Wooden Pony.... nor do I know of anyone who has the ability to summon monsters from yet another universe... 

My universe may reflect aspects and places of the universe you reside in, but it is not the same one.  

The Character "Crystal" is even in her own world able to perceive this. (She's kinda nuts and magical and does 4th wall violations).
Thought of the day:
We talk about people in uniforms as heroes... Police, firemen, soldiers etc.... and to an extent there is some truth in that.... but in the context of people doing their jobs most heroes go almost completely unnoticed because they don't wear a uniform or are behind walls.  But even in these cases it is their job, they are paid to do it.

True heroes are rarely the people we think of or expect.... they do it with no thought of financial or social gain, they are frequently not trained in the skills required to do their heroic act (or at least if they are, that is coincidental as it was not why they were trained that way).  

There are heroes all around us, they just go unnoticed because the don't fit the image we are taught to expect.
Followers will have noticed I recently did a rather dark series "Goth Girl In Trouble" (…) - While I am enjoying doing it, I thought I'd pause to collect my thoughts to which direction I wish to take the story - and play with some new props I have and make something somewhat different from other things I've done. 

So I have done "What does my sister keep in the chest" (…)

If you haven't seen it yet, I don't really want to give it away... but if you have read my comments on things, and it appears that I am going against stuff I have said... please read the whole story, I really haven't.
This story did not go where I was expecting it to... this was not remotely planned out like this, but I assign personalities to my characters and kind of let the stories evolve as I do each scene.  This sometimes has some unusual and unexpected consequences.   I have said before that I am sympathetic to "the Beast" in beauty and the beast type stories, but this honestly was not where I intended to take this at all... originally I had intended this to be a one off bondage scene, possibly 2 or 3 image story.

So I just thought I'd share with you how and why it ended up this way, if you don't like it I can only apologise for my odd (down right quirky(?)) way of creating things, If you do like it then well... Thanks.…
Following some of my images going missing from the Unauthorised Recess Recreation series, I have gone back and adjusted the sensitivity... (I have set as Strict adult  due to sexual themes and Ideologically sensitive) as well as adding a humorous disclaimer. - Frankly I don't see any need to set them as adult or a disclaimer, however as the images went poof, I figure may be needed. 

More importantly.... When I re-posted the images, I didn't bother putting the story back in, I have now, not just reinstated the story to the missing images, I have added to the story on the last image, and have also started the actual story text on image 1 (rather than image 3) and re-written image 3's text to make it flow from 1 and 2. 
So if you haven't seen them, or would like to re-read them please look here:…
A number of my pieces have mysteriously disappeared from my gallery, is that normal?  

While I don't think there are any specific reason for anyone to have complained about them, would I be notified if they were removed due to complaint? 

I am hesitant to post at all if my stuff is just going to go poof. 
Not sure if you've noticed or not from my faves, but I quite like motorcycles... although unfortunately I don't ride myself.

So I am incredibly pleased to have found a couple of freebie motorcyles on my system (really have no idea where they came from) and what appears to be a Honda C-50 as this weeks Platinum Club freebie on the Daz website.

Needless to say because of this I am inflicting you with loads of motorcycle/moped images, as you will know already I have a thing for showing multiple angles/variations..... if you don't care for them I apolo...... no screw it.... I really don't, I love them too much!