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Do you find that people like the pictures you are most personally proud of, or ones that you don't care so much for? 

20 deviants said Haven't really noticed
15 deviants said The ones I'm most proud of.
15 deviants said The ones that I care a little less for.



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United Kingdom
Not much to say, I did not consider myself an artist in the traditional sense when I started here, I mostly came to see others' work, but and then moved on to posting.

At first I started to take "photos*" in second life and I have posted more than a few here. I have also fiddled with photo editing to correct errors and to make photos look like paintings or sketches.

Now I have taken up using Daz Studio and Poser (Daz more), and I am posting what I have done as I go along.... some of this may be viewed as totally rubbish.... and frankly that is fine, the point to me posting even the bad stuff is to show how I am developing, hopefully to encourage others to give it a try.

*IMPORTANT* I do not wish to deceive anyone, My early images were not done in POSER OR DAZ or anything similar (I am trying to develop that skill and most of my more recent posts have been done in one or the other). They are screenshots from Second Life ( which are sometimes corrected/enhanced in Paintshop Pro - Most (but not all) of the scenery/props are created by other people, I merely find what I consider the nice angles and poses within the virtual world, and then take "photos" usually with my own Avatar posed in the shot. This is how I manage to be as prolific as I am, as I am doing virtual photo shoots, which is quite different from the "DAZ Experience." This is not to belittle what I do, there is merit to my work, but it is like the difference between a painter and a photographer, both are artists but in very different ways, and it simply would not be right to compare my work to anything other than other SL images, and I hope in that respect you will view them favourably. If you are not familiar with SL you can find out more here:…

My posts that are done in Secondlife start "SL"

I like fantasy art and art with a bit of a kinky edge, if it has both better yet. I also like stuff that I just find aesthetically pleasing or conjures up a memory.

Nearly (but not all) of my faves and posts feature women, this is due to a number of things, .... Firstly, in many cases I imagine myself in the subject's position (and in my own posts frequently involve my "digi-clone"), both those of power and powerlessness, it is also because quite frankly women tend to be rendered better than men in digital art, and I like pretty images (along with the dark ones), and generally the way women are rendered is almost certainly more pretty than how men are.... but boy do I like it when I see men done well. BIG GRIN ;-)

Please Note:
My character Shelly (or as I refer to her; my digi-clone) is a "self-portrait" and depicts me at the age of the time of posting. I was 26 when I started posting, and so all images posted she is 26 or older.
I am very petite, but let me be clear, the portrayal is of a genuine legal age person, and any interpretation otherwise is unacceptable to me.
"Forced" by thomvinson  and FelixFFDS (I saw there posts at the same time) I repost:

So :iconthe-legionary1: has this share challenge thingy which works like so:
For the first handful of people to comment on this thread I will choose three works from your gallery that I like and share them here, provided that you do the same journal entry yourself. This way no one feels compelled to participate unless they choose too.

I may have screwed up here a bit as people have commented that I commented on and so on so there may be some circular mutual-admiration... that's life... as long as I don't make the universe explode due to some infinity loop. 

1: Divides I may be accused of cheating on this as most of Divides work are stories and 2 of my pics are, however these images jumped out at me, the 3rd is a story that is a total fiction that rang so true to me.  

Mature Content

Snow-Undies 01 - Sakura by Divides
  If you look through my faves, and some of my images you will notice being naked or almost naked outside (and often in snow) is a recurring theme for me, so these images jumped out at me and had to be in my list.

Mature Content

Snow-Undies 02 - Michelle by Divides
  Most of my faves are of works using DAZ or Poser that is because I love the work, and I am trying to learn from that stuff... I cannot draw at all... even my stickmen are unconvincing... but that does not mean I don't love traditional media... I really do! I hope Divides does not object to me calling these images crude, I don't mean that in a bad way at all, that is what I love about them, my point is they don't have to be photo-realistic, the intent and feel is very much evident without needing perfect perspective or exact reflections and lighting of all the tech I use to make my images..... sometimes simple says more. 
[ENF]F-101: Jakirin: Class Presentation."Ichifune-San," the professor announced, "Would you like to step up to the front of the classroom and give your report?"  
"Right..." Jakirin replied, walking to the front of the class.  
Wait... report?  She wasn't supposed to give any report today.  She wasn't even sure if she was supposed to be in class today.  
"Hello, my name is Jakirin, and today I will be giving my report on..." she began, then looked down at the papers in her hand.  She couldn't make out her own writing... nor could she remember what she had written.  "... My report on..." she tried again, stalling for time.  
"Your report on us," the teacher explained.  
"Oh, right, my report on you," Jakirin concluded.  
Wait, that didn't make any sense... was this some kind of elaborate prank?  
"Uh... any questions?" Jakirin asked, not sure what she was doing.  
Much to Jakirin's relief, a hand shot up.  "Yes?  You there..." she inquired, pointing at the
    I don't want to comment on this too much as it would be spoilers, but suffice to say it resonates with me a lot even though the specifics are alien to me. 

thomvinson Picking faves is hard... but here we go: 

Mature Content

T-Bird Nude 002 by thomvinson
  The naked/semi-naked in public thing is one I deal with quite a bit, I think my therapist might shed some light on why it particularly appeals, but I think a lot of people get this.
Junglegirl and Hubb 002 by thomvinson  As thomvinson himself pointed out, I have a thing for the beasts... Dragons and an Ogre are repeatedly shown in a positive light with my work, so this again fills that area.
SexyRoxy The Hunters Campfire 002 by thomvinson  I just have a softspot for campfires. 

NMWoodcarver Another difficult one due to different mediums, so in no particular order.
Sunset in New Mexico by NMWoodcarver  I am not a fan of deserts... but I do love desert sunsets, they are spectacular!
Eagle Dance by NMWoodcarver  I genuinely love this piece I think it is very pretty and clever!
My cat woody by NMWoodcarver  Because... KITTY!!!!!!!

4: tora-no-shi1369 VEHICLES!
Best Friends by tora-no-shi1369  I picked this one largely because it turned out better than my attempts with the same vehicle. My tyres (tires) never worked that well, this may have something to do with the render engine, but I'm not sure... nevertheless it turned out well here.
Waiting for the Steam by tora-no-shi1369  This has 2 elements I love, the first is Steam Punk in general, the other is I love working with reflections... so this is just cool for me!
Steampunk-Night Out by tora-no-shi1369  This has been on my fave list for quite some time.... 99% of times when I fave something it is in the first second I see it... something just jumps out at me, I can't put my finger on it, but this is one of those. 


In case anyone is worried: I am not retiring my digi-clone or anything, however for at the moment most of the images I have lined up are experiments with different characters, some established, some new.   I only have a couple of scenes featuring my digi-clone rendered at the moment* and these are interacting with new characters.

*I usually have 1-2 months worth of renders ready to post so that there isn't a break in postings while I am on holiday/sick.


I am hardly an art expert, and this is my first time doing a critique: The use of light and shadow is very effective creating an effect...


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Thank you very much. I am so impressed by the work here (including yours)  - I wish I could do what you guys do, have tried and failed miserably. :-)   maybe when I can find some more time I can get the practice required.
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